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"Happy & Prosperous New Year 2011"

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Dear Customer and Business Partner,

Breaking News: Our January - June 2010 Account Statements show positive EBIT. There are more prospects and backlogs in July-December 2010. We expect double digit growth of revenue and income by year end 2010.

"We thank you for all your supports in 2009 and wish you all the best of success in 2010.
As expected 1st and 2nd quarters of 2009 was slow due to global economy down turn as well as Indonesian Elections in April and July 2009. However, we  got back to our usual growth in the 3rd and 4th quarters with handful of business also came from Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai." 
"The 3D Rapid Prototype job orders business started in April 2009 also brought good enough income. At the year end we had quite good closing cash in hand that will keep us safe to start 2010. We strongly believe 2010 will be a much successful year."
"We will continue to invest on new business, upgrade our facilities and send our staffs as usual overseas trainings.
Siberhegindo has already produced 37 overseas trained Young Indonesians since 1993."
"As always our objective is to build a "bridge" between our customers and our manufacturers and to give our unique added service to all of you"

"As always we only handle world's reputable, reliable and high quality brands and products"

We, Siberhegindo is NO. 1 Pipette supplier in Indonesia equipped with huge stocks, complete spare parts, service and calibration facilities. Our sales staff and technicians are trained by Image of Pipetman® NeoGilson in France. No other pipette supplier can provide you similar service that we are providing to you. On top of that GILSON pipettes are the "BEST, STRONGEST and MOST ACCURATE" in the world.  Call us today, we will deliver from our "ready stock" any types of Gilson Pipettes & Tips in 2 (two) hours time in Jakarta.

Founder Mr. Utomo Thein Win in San Francisco
 during a business trip to USA.

Dr. Neeru Sood and two Assistants with Mr. Gustav Heidt during Sarstedt-Desaga HPTLC Installation & Training at BITS, Pilani - in Dubai, UAE , supplied by Siberhegindo Teknik with associate Emphor Ltd.

Stratasys Dimension Elite
Good news again!. We have installed Dimension Elite successfully at the Indonesian Highest and Prestigious Research and Technology Institute "BPPT" on 14-15 December 2010. We are sincerely proud to be able to serve BPPT. Serving BPPT means serving the Indonesian Nation and its people. This is Siberhegindo's 16th machine in Indonesia to strengthen further our No.1 position in RP business. This is the first Elite to be installed in Indonesia. Elite is most accurate 3D Printing Machine in Dimension series. BPPT chose Elite as they need higher accuracy on built parts. Elite can build parts with ABSplus in ivory, black, red, olive green, nectarine, fluorescent yellow, blue or gray. Elite use Soluble Support Technology (SST) and build size is 203 x 203 x 305 mm at Layer thickness of 0.178 mm or 0.254mm of precisely deposited ABSplus model and support material. As similar to other Stratasys/Dimension RP machines, Elite needs "NONE" special facility requirements. As usual Siberhegindo will keep all required consumables and materials ready stock for our Elite customer.

Highly educated BPPT team with their newly ordered Stratasys / Dimension Elite RP Machine.

Alibre 3D Software
We are glad to inform to our Stratasys RP machine owners and designers that Siberhegindo has signed up on November 18, 2010 with Alibre 3D Software manufacturer located in Texas, USA to distribute Alibre 3D Software in the Republic of Indonesia. Alibre Software fully complements to our Stratasys 3D Rapid Prototype machines and Siberhegindo will supply full package of 3D RP machines with compatible 3D Software. Siberhegindo is the only company in Indonesia which can supply complete package. Alibre 3D Software is just what designers want within the reasonable price range of USD 700 to USD 4,000. Call us or come to our office to see the demo.

New Arrival of GILSON Stock in November 2010
Huge stock of Gilson Pipettes, Tips and accessories arrived again by end November 2010. As many of the items are already been booked by our old and new customers, not much is left after deliveries in November and December. Additional new stocks will arrive again by end December 2010. We again have to say sorry to keep our customers waiting for new arrival.
Despite we tried to keep complete stock, the demand is always higher than our stock. It again shows that our Gilson Pipettes are in big demand. Please see remaining stock at our Ready Stock or call Rudy or Aris or Deta.

Pipetman Neo Starter Kit

Fisher Digital Line Tracers
We have sold in November 2010, 1 x Fisher (USA) Digital Line Tracers TW-82M, 1 x XLT-30 and 5 x TW-8800 Acoustical Leak Detectors. We are proud of highest sales with 7 units in one single months. TW-82M is new model just introduced in mid 2010. setting a new standard of performance in high frequency line tracers and features:
• Impact Resistant
• Weatherproof
• Full time continuous readouts
• Lightweight
• Accurate, repeatable readings
Please call today Mr. Tri Wardhana to see our demo TW-82M at your site.

Fisher Lab TW-82M

Stratasys uPrint Plus at the TOTO Indonesia
We have installed another uPrint Plus at the Surya Toto Indonesia factory in Tangerang on 14th October 2010. TOTO is top brand in the world in producing high quality Sanitary Wares & Plumbing Fittings. You can see TOTO products in many prestigious offices, hotels, restaurants, airports and malls in many cities and countries. On 12th October 2010 Surya Toto has sent two of their Senior Designers to Siberhegindo Teknik in Jakarta for a hands on training of 3D Printing by our Demo machine. Surya Toto has been studying all RP technology and brands since early 2010 and finally after overall technical, price, easy use and local supports evaluation, decided to order Stratasys Dimension uPrint Plus machine from us. After the installation which took only 30 minutes, Toto IT and Design Team are quite impress and satisfy with their "real" 3D parts built by uPrint Plus. Siberhegindo & Stratasys are proud to be part of  Surya Toto Indonesia and thank to TOTO management for their wise decision.

uPrint Plus with Surya Toto IT & Design Team

Maag Viscorex Pump
We received order on 6th September 2010 from a leading polymer company located in Merak for a Maag Viscorex 10" Pump which is a big pump. This factory has 7 (seven)similar Maag pumps and with this new one it will be 8 (eight) in total. This plant is now under full capacity operation and running  for 24 hours a day. This customer is quite satisfied with our Maag Polymer pumps as they have been using only Maag Pumps in their factory since the plant established in year 1996. We have been giving all our technical supports to this customer always on time although they are far from Jakarta. Mr. Win and Maag Service Engineer Mr. Tan Cher Hoo visited the plant site in Marak on 29th September 2010 for technical discussion. We are glad that our Maag customers are satisfied with our service and continue to order new polymer pumps.

MAAG Viscorex Pump

Stratasys uPrint Plus at POLMAN Bangka
We have installed new uPrint Plus at the Polytechnic Manufacturing Timah at Bangka Island on 31st August 2010. On 25th August 2010 POLMAN Timah has sent two of their Lecturers to Siberhegindo Teknik in Jakarta for a hands on training of 3D Printing by our Demo machine. We always invite our new customers to our office for preliminary training on how to operate the machines so that they are ready to run the machine when their ordered machine is installed at their institute/site. We always encourage our machine users and buyers to come to our office for free of charge training whenever they want. In Indonesia it is only Siberhegindo which can provide such hands on training and support for 3D RP technology. We thank to the management of POLMAN Timah for making the right decision to select uPrint Plus and sending their lecturers for training to Jakarta.

Lecturers from POLMAN BANGKA

Stratasys Global Conference 2010
Stratasys Inc., held Global Sales Conference on 19-23 January 2010 at the Shangri-La Hotel at Kowloon,  Hong Kong under the name "Eye of the Tiger" by welcoming Chinese New Year. All high level management from Stratasys Inc., USA and global dealers had attended the conference. Miss Farida, Mr. Ommar Win and Mr. Thein Win from Siberhegindo attended the full conference whereas Mrs. Sandra Win accompanied in evening dinners. Stratasys founder and CEO Dr. Scott Crump (2nd left in the photograph) had proudly informed that Stratasys Inc., successfully passed over the 2009 economy downturn. He also announced that world's top brand Hewlett-Packard HP has endorsed Stratasys FDM technology the best 3D technology and to market the Desktop uPrint under HP brand and huge net work starting in Europe within mid 2010. This strategy will promote the awareness of FDM technology and increase sales of uPrint at very high speed which will eventually benefit Industrial Fortus series. The production of new machine uPrint-plus is also announced during conference. uPrint-plus will come with bigger build size (33% bigger than uPrint) and able to print in colors. Siberhegindo demo machines and ready stock arrived in June/July 2010 for our Indonesian customers.

Stratasys founder Dr. Scott Crump together with Miss Farida, Mr. Ommar and Mr. Thein Win at Stratasys Global Conference in Hong Kong in January 2010.

GILSON Pipetman M
is a new motorized member of the PIPETMAN family from Gilson.
* PIPETMAN M is a fusion between the renowned accuracy, precision and robustness of the PIPETMAN P and user-friendly functions that will simplify your work day. 
* PIPETMAN M is so easy to use that you will have the feeling that you are using a PIPETMAN P. You won’t change the way you pipette! Call us today to see Demo Units.

Gilson Pipetman M

World's First Desktop 3D Color Printer "uPrint Plus"
Stratasys starts deliver uPrint Plus 3D Desktop Color Printer in April 2010.  Siberhegindo now keeps "READY STOCK" in Jakarta. Sales Price Franco Jakarta is USD 26,500.00 (Import duty, Import tax, custom clearance charges all in) plus VAT 10% plus Installation & Training Costs. We add new stocks in every two months time. Our READY STOCK was sold out on 5th August 2010 to a Technical Institute and already been delivered. New stock which will arrive by end September 2010 also is booked by a big Ceramic Company in Jakarta.
"uPrint Plus" features are as follows:
- Build envelope of 8 x 8 x 6 in (203 x 203 x 152 mm)
- Creates durable ABSplus™ models in " 9 colors "
- Easy to use – with Catalyst®EX software with intelligent SMART Support
- Utilizes
proven FDM technology - Soluble Support Removal

uPrint Plus " READY STOCK "

SonoSwiss Ultrasonic Cleaner
We are glad to inform you that we now keep ready stock of ULTRASONIC TANK made by SONOSWISS Company from SWITZERLAND for cleaning Soluble Support of Rapid Prototype Models. All these tanks are equipped with:
1. switches off automatically at your setting time.
2. has range of temperature from 30° - 80°C. 
3. can set Ultrasonic Intensity depending on requirement
4. DRAIN can drain old / used water very easily through outlet
Franco Jakarta Sales Price for SW 6H is Rp. 17.1 Mio and SW 12 H is Rp.26.8 Mio

SonoSwiss High Quality
Ultrsonic Cleaner

PT. Unilever Indonesia Tbk.
Unilever Indonesia has ordered again our products in July 2010 from Tomang Office. We are honored to become a routine supplier to PT Unilever Indonesia for almost four consecutive years. It means our quality service and products are well recognized by a world's leading company. We thank to PT Unilever Indonesia management for the trust they have given to us throughout these 4 years.

Sherwood Flame Photometers
We again sold one complete set of Sherwood Flame Photometer M 410 in July 2010 to same customers CCM Agripharma which already bought two complete sets of M 410 in May 2010. This is same model that we sold to Petrokimia at Gresik in May 2008 but is a different model from the one that we sold to a PT Cement Andalas in February 2008. CCM staff will be trained at our office in Jakarta. Sherwood products quantity are growing in Indonesia as we  delivered several sets of Flame Photometers for Agriculture, Chemical, Cement and Paper and Pulp Factory next to educational institutions. Please call our Mr. Riyanto for more technical details. Sherwood Scientific (UK) manufactures: 
Flame Photometer, Colorimeter, Fluid Bed Dryer, Magnetic Susceptibility Balance, Microwelder, Chloride Analysers

Sherwood Flame Photometer

Sherwood Digital Programmable Colorimeter
We again sold Chroma M260 Programmable Colorimeter to Taiko Mineralindo in Serang in July 2010. M260 comes together with 100 cuvettes, spare bulb, universal PSU with multi plug adapters and cuvettes holder. Sherwood Scientific (UK) manufactures: 
Flame Photometer, Colorimeter, Fluid Bed Dryer, Magnetic Susceptibility Balance, Microwelder, Chloride Analysers. Please call our Mr. Riyanto who has been trained by Sherwood in UK for more technical details

Sherwood CHROMA 260 Colorimeter

Fisher Research Underground Detectors and Locators
We again sold Fisher XLT-30A to a customer in Bandung in July 2010. Fisher TW-8800 complete with accessories are sold also in May 2010, in addition to 3 sets in July 2009 to Oil and Gas Industries, also 2 sets of XLT-17 in August 2009. We have sold Fischer Detectors and Locators to several industries every year. TW-8800 and TW-7700 comes together in Receiver, Transmitter and Accessories. It is Accurate, Multi-frequency operation, Audio and Visual, Large Easy to read LCD Display, comes in Hard or Soft Carrying Case. Weather Resistant Design. Fisher ( produce following products:

1.  Valve & Box Locator,  M-66, (Ready stock)
2.  Valve, Pedestal & Box Locator,
3.  Rebar Locator & Metal Probe,
4.  Ferro Magnetic Metal Detector,
5.  Multi-Frequency Digital Line Tracer,
6.  Single-Frequency Digital Line Tracer,
7.  Pipe & Cable Locator,
8.  Acoustical Leak Detector,
9.  Liquid & Gas Leak Detector,
10.Water Level Indicator,
11. Magnetic Locator
FD-ID 2100

Fisher TW-8800, TW-7700 & TW-6

Ultrasonic Detector XLG-80

Fifth "uPrint" installed at the Surya Research Institute
Again we have one more new uPrint user in June 2010. This time it is at the Surya Research Institute managed by Indonesian well known and highly respected Professor Dr. Johannes Surya. Surya Research Institute is a non profit organization purely aim to strengthen the knowledge of intelligent students from all over Indonesia to become high level academics and researchers in future to contribute Indonesia. We are proud to be part of Surya Research Institute and have our uPrint being used to educate Indonesian talents. In the photograph Research Team Head Mr. Suhandry Salim with his new uPrint. Mr. Salim is highly educated and possess vast experience in Electronic Engineering as well as Rapid Prototyping Technology with different machines. We thank him for selecting our technology. Siberhegindo team has learnt a lot from Mr. Salim just in a short time. In future we will have his valuable advices. We are sure that this high educated team can make maximum use of Stratasys-Dimension technology.

Mr. Suhandry Salim with his new uPrint

On 10the June 2010, we received order from Malaysian based Palm Oil company located in Padang for a complete set of LTI (USA) Impulse Series Range Finder 200LR with zoom, MapStar Compass, Map Star Software and Staff, Bi-Pod Legs, Bracket Assembly, Recon 200 with Bluetooth, Surveying Prism and Down Load Accessories. This is up to date high advanced complete systems in the world for laser surveying and will give high benefit to end users. Quite a big numbers of LTI laser survey systems are already been used by Ministry of Forestry, Plantation companies and Mining Companies throughout Indonesia. Please call us if you want to know more technical details or like to have a demo unit. 

Impulse 200LR complete

GILSON Pipetman Neo Starter Kit
We won a tender for Gilson Pippetes for a Government Department in May 2010. All Gilson Pipettes model are included in this tender. Out of several competitions Gilson was selected due to its durable quality, precision, quick delivery and reasonable in prices. On top of that Siberhegindo's engineers are always ready to support the end users whenever there is a technical need. Also
in May 2010, we have added big quantity of new pipette, tips and accessories stocks. As usual deliveries to customers are made almost every day. We may still have some remaining stock but these will be sold out soon. Please book with Pak Rudy and Pak Aris if you want to order soon or wait until end June 2010 until new stocks arrive.

High Quality Gilson Pipettes

Dimension 768 SST at POLMAN Bandung
Mr. Ayi Ruswandi, Dipl. Ing HTL., MT. has been a well educated, respected and well known "GURU" at the Polytechnic Manufacturing Negeri in Bandung. All successful designers all over Indonesia graduated from POLMAN now working at many famous industries know Pak Ayi. Pak Ayi had selected Stratasys Dimension 768 SST in March 2005 to teach additive prototyping to POLMAN students. Today after more than five year this machine is still strong, accurate and producing very good 3D Rapid Prototype parts. One reason is Pak Ayi is highly educated in RP technology and able to operate and maintain the machine very well. Mr. Win visited Pak Ayi on 30th June 2010 to give necessary support and information on new products. Pak Ayi is one of Stratasys and Siberhegindo Teknik best customers and references. We wish more and more success to Pak Ayi and all his students. In July 2010 POLMAN ordered 10 cannisters of RP materials.

Mr. Win with Mr. Ayi Ruswandi at POLMAN

Indorama Synthetics
Mr. Win visited PT Indorama Synthetics (IRS) on 7-8 May 2010 together with Mr. Seah Poh Siang from Maag Asia. IRS is the biggest Polyester Filament Yarns & Fibers manufacturer in Indonesia. IRS uses all sizes of Maag Gear Pumps in Indonesia as well as its sister companies in India and Thailand. Indorama group is today one of the top PET manufacturer in the world with 10 (Ten) branches also located in USA, UK and Eastern Europe. PT Siberhegindo Teknik together with Maag Pump Systems are always proud to be the routine supplier of Gear Pumps and Spare Parts to IRS since 1995. We thank to IRS management for their continuous trust. Due to production increase IRS has replaced Maag Vacorex 180 with Vacorex 224 MR Pump which is capable to produce 300 ton per day. Maag Pumps run for 24 hours a day non stop for couple of years. Almost all of Maag Pumps in Indonesia PET factories are running for more than 15 years without any troubles. 90% of Polyester Plants in Indonesia use MPS pumps.       

Mr. Win with Mr. T.J. Parmar at IRS Plant

Fourth "uPrint" installed at the Claris Indonesia
Again we have one more new uPrint user in April 2010. This time it is a well know plastic household manufacturer "CLARIS". Every home use Claris products. Claris products quality are good and the price is affordable. In the photo you can see smiling handsome gentlemen with their beautiful new uPrint. In fact they already have other brand machine but they got no "aftersales service" and they turn to Stratasys. Of course every machines once a while need some service and we are the only RP supplier who can provide complete local after sales services. We, Stratasys and Siberhegindo always want our machine users to be happy with our machine, our service and our support. We want all of them to have "maximum use" of our machine to get their "ROI" back in less then a year. We provide complete facilities free of charge with our machine so that they have complete requirement without any headaches. We provide application trainings whenever you want with our Demo machines at our office.

Claris Design Team with their new "uPrint"

Job orders for 3D Rapid Prototype Parts
We are again proud to announce that a big brand of plastic house ware company has again sent a job order in April 2010. There was also electronic and home appliances industry sent a job order in February 2010 to build 3D Functional Parts. We also got a big order from an auto industry in 2009. Our Stratasys 3D technology is superior than any other 3D technology in the world and PT Siberhegindo Teknik is the only company in Indonesia to keep ready stock of Stratasys-Dimension 3D high tech machines and material as well as accepting 3D functional RP parts and models jobs from Indonesian and overseas customers. All of our Stratasys machines users in Indonesia are satisfy with the results of our machines that they bought from us and the service that they got from us.

Complete functional car rear axle built by Stratasys FDM Technology in USA. Siberhegindo can build this now in Jakarta, Indonesia for all auto industries. We are the only company which can provide this service in Indonesia.

Fortus First Track Training in Bangkok in April 2010
Stratasys USA launched a First Track Training on Fortus 3D Production Machines at the Sofitel Bangkok Silom on 7-8 April 2010. Mr. Woody Frost VD, Mr. Tim Heller and Mr. Fred Fisher and Mr. Pradeep Nair gave the latest approach lessons of Fortus to ASEAN distributors. Mr. Thein Win and Miss Farida from Siberhegindo Teknik has attended the training. This training gives realistic benefits to Fortus customers provided with real success stories.
" Siberhegindo Teknik has sold and installed
16 (Fourteen) Stratasys Machines (1 x Maxum/Fortus 900mc, 7 x Dimension SST/BST/Elite and 6 x uPrint and 2 uPrint Plus) in Indonesia by end June 2010.  We expect to sell another 4 to 6 Stratasys Machines in 2010 altogether to become 18 to 20 machines by end 2010. Siberhegindo/Stratasys FDM 3D technology is far ahead of other resin or powder base technology in Indonesia "
All Stratasys machines are working very well. All customers can easily handle the machines. Dimension SST 1200es, BST 1200es and uPrint - catalyst software automatically imports STL files, orients the part, slices the file, generates support structures (if necessary), and creates a precise deposition path to build your
ABSplus model. Multiple models can be packed within the built envelope to maximize efficiency. Catalyst provides queue management capabilities, build time, material status and system status information. Dimension 3D Printers run unattended and provide system and build status information via e-mail, pager, or the Internet. Please call us today for more information or send us your 3D STL file to us to build 3D model for you free of charge.
We keep
"ready stock" of ABS and ABS plus Model Material, Water Soluble and Breakaway Support Materials, Plastic Modeling Base of different sizes, Soluble Concentrates as well as Z-Axis Grease  for all our customers. Please call us today, we will deliver all the materials to you the same day. None of other RP machines suppliers' afford to support you like Siberhegindo because other brands have only few machines sold to Indonesian customers. Logically they can't afford to keep consumable stock just for few machines. Please consider all, after sales services and consumables availability when buying a RP machines.

Fortus 400mc, Dimension BST/SST & uPrint

Stratasys - Dimension SST 1200es & BST 1200e

Ready Stock Consumables in Jakarta

Webomatic Packaging Machines
Our Tomang Branch have received an order again in March 2010 for a Webomatic Easy Pack MK2 Food Packaging Machine from Japanese Chain of Hotels in Jakarta. This model is strong, heavy use and for the quick vacuum packaging in food trade, supermarkets, large kitchens or restaurants – the new revised version: with one chamber in high quality stainless steel and optimised operating panel. Simple operation by pressing a button, spacious internal construction, solid execution of the machine and high capacity vacuum pump (Busch) characterize the new model easyPack. And now available with the additional options MAP gas supply and soft-air.

Webomatic Easy Pack MK2

GILSON Pipetman Neo Starter Kit
All our newly arrived Pipetman Neo Starter Kit were sold out in March 2010. We still have outstanding delivery for almost 20 sets. We are so sorry to keep our customers waiting for new arrival hopefully by end April 2010.
Despite we tried to keep complete stock, this time the demand was much higher than our stock. It again shows that our Gilson Pipettes are in big demand.  In future we will keep more stock of Pipetman Neo Starter Kit.  We still have many other type of pipettes in stock. Please see other stock at Ready Stock

Pipetman Neo Starter Kit

Simalube Smart Lubrication
In February 2010 PT Daifuku Material Handling has ordered again Simalube Single Point Lubrication 125 ml. PT. Berca Schindler Lifts is also routine user of Simalube Single Point Lubrication 125 ml. We are glad to have this repeat business. Simalube can be set flexible time setting from 1 to 12 months by reducing inventory costs as one lubricator covers a wide range of time settings. It is easy in adjustment of dispensing rate during operation. It can be temporarily deactivated. It is refillable. It is available in four sizes: 30, 60, 125 and 250 ml. Transparent container to check lubricant levels. It has no harmful chemicals to generate the drive gas. Environmentally friendly and comes with wide range of accessories such as adapter nipples, tubes and brushes. Very efficient for conveyors, belts, elevators, lifts, etc. We keep complete ready stock for you and can deliver to you immediately. Call us today for demo.

Simalube Automatic Lubrcator

GILSON Microman
A Swiss based Chemical manufacturing company in Jakarta has ordered 36 pcs Microman Pipettes on 11 February 2010. Gilson Microman was chosen out of several brands.
We again prove that Gilson and Siberhegindo Teknik are the only reliable Pipette Supplier in Indonesia. We have complete stock of Pipette and accessories as well as spare parts. We receive pipettes of different brands for service and calibration almost every day. We even provide Free of Charge replacement Gilson Pipette while your old pipette is under service with us. Nobody in Indonesia is willing to help customers like us.  Please call us today for demo at your place at any time. Ready Stock

Gilson Microman

Maag Pump Spare Parts
We received big order for critical spare parts on 10th February 2010 from a Polymer Industry. We believe Polyester business is getting better also in 2010. Despite global recession Maag Pumps and Spare Parts sales in 2009 was outstanding as we returned to highest level again. Maag factory in Switzerland is still having a long list of orders from Indonesia. As delivery is taking a bit longer time, we recommend to all Maag Pump users in Indonesia to keep ready stock of all important parts so that there will be no interruption in production. Please call us if you want to have recommended Maag Pump Spare Parts List for your factory. We are ready to help you.

Maag Spare Parts

On 4th January 2010, we have received an order (first opening order for 2010) for one complete set of Ismatec ICP-16 Microprocessor Controlled Delivery Pump from a leading "Pharmaceutical Industry".  Ismatec Laboratory Pumps and accessories are widely used by, PT. Unilever, PT. Pharos, PT Medion, PT Dystar, PT Firmanich and many other industries. We also keep ready stock of GILSON MINIPLUS 3 and MINIPULSE EVOLUTION HIGH PERFORMANCE PERISTATIC PUMP in additioon to Ismatec to complete the range. Please visit for more technical details or call us for detail brochure.

Ismatec IPC 16 Microprocessor Controlled Delivery Pump

Waffel Maker
Our Tomang Branch has successfully has delivered to Surabaya in February 2010, two Waffle Makers made by Neumarker from Germany. Neumarker products are strong, heavy uses and less maintenance. Although Siberhegindo Teknik is a new comer in this business the product that we carry in our port folio mainly from Europe are of good quality with reasonable price. 

Neumarker Weffle Makers

BITS, Pilani - Dubai
PT. Siberhegindo Teknik has cooperated with Emphor Co. Ltd. in Dubai to supply HPTLC (High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography) and several Life & Analytical Sciences Instruments in the UAE. Emphor Co. Ltd. is one of the most successful and leading companies in the UAE. Emphor staff are highly qualified and possess very good relationships with Universities and Industries in the UAE. Siberhegindo Teknik is proud to have Emphor as a business partner. First HPTLC complete systems was installed and trained at the BITS, Pilani-Dubai Biotechnology Department on 15th-18th June 2009 by Mr. Gustav Heidt accompanied by Mr. Win and Mr. Anup. BITS-Pilani is one of the best University in the UAE with more than 2000 students from different countries. BITS Pilani is equipped with world's class laboratory equipments under the supervision of highly qualified professors. It is an honour to meet the Dean Dr. G. Vijaya, Biotechnology Dept. Head Dr. Neeru Sood and Dr. S. Ramachandran and two young clever lady assistants. We expect another university will order similar system soon. United Arab Emirates is growing strategically in all aspects especially in education and financial sectors. Dubai is changing to be a global hub and it is strategically important to have our existence.

Mr. Anup (Emphor), Mr. Heidt (Desaga-Sarstedt) and Mr. Thein Win in Dubai UAE (in front of famous Burj Arab) in June 2009

Advance Application at Gilson SAS, Paris, France
Our Gilson Manual Liquid Handling Sales Engineer Rudy Alfarius Pohan has attended Advance Application Training at Gilson factory in Paris, France on 23-27 November 2009. Rudy was trained together with other friends from Germany and Brazil. You can see him proudly wearing Batik Shirt (far left) together with Instructors. As Gilson is coming up with new products and technology every year, it is necessary to get our Siberhegindo staff trained for all new developments and to delegate their knowledge back to our Gilson Pipette users throughout Indonesia. Despite recession in 2009, we still sell quite a big numbers of Gilson Pipettes, Tips and Instruments to our routine and new customers as well as to Government Projects. We thank Gilson's management for this event especially to Patrick and Amilie. 

Rudy Alfarius Pohan (Left) at Gilson in Paris, France

Tri Wardhana (2nd right) at LTI Seminar in Bangkok

Formula BMW Pacific 2009
Our Siberhegindo Teknik young staff Ommar Win was awarded Formula BMW Pacific Race Driver Certificate at the Malaysian Sepang Formula 1 International Circuit on 1-2 September 2009. Ommar Win was the only participant from Indonesia among other young racers from Australia, Russia, India, Spain, South Africa, Korea, Japan and Sri-Lanka. There are handful of famous racers who initially started at the Formula BMW and promoted to worlds' famous Formula 1. Siberhegindo Teknik is proud of Ommar Win who represented Indonesia in this highly respected event. Small numbers of Indonesian racers who participated in Formula BMW Pacific now become successful racers in World Motor Sport representing their country Indonesia and are trying all their best to raise Indonesian Flag on pole positions.

Ommar Win with BMW-Germany Instructors

Deckma Hamburg OMD-2005
OMD-2005 Oil in Water Analyzers are used by several offshore operations and in ships. We have sold 4 sets in October 2009 to a toll shipping company in Indonesia and in August 2009 each sets to two Malaysian and one Singapore offshore companies. DECKMA HAMBURG GmbH is a well established company, supplying oil-in-water monitors and systems to the marine and industrial markets since the early 1970's. In addition to a range of monitors to conform to the IMO-regulations for shipboard discharge of oily water.  The OMD-2005 is designed for higher oil concentrations up to 100 ppm oil-in-water. It is suited especially well for various cooling water applications. This Monitor is a type approved by Germanischer Lloyd in accordance to the IMO-Resolution MEPC.60 (33) and with increased oil concentrations.

Deckma Hamburg OMD-2005

Maag Extrusion Pump
We are successful again to sell Maag Extrusion Gear Pump EX 70-5 HV to an Indonesian Leading High Class BOPP, BOPET and CPP Flexible Packaging Industry in September 2009. This is the "FOURTH" Maag Extrusion "Big" Pump ordered by the same company. Gear Pump are required at all extrusion lines to increase constant output pressure, uniform throughput and very high quality end products. EX 70-5 HV can increase 25% higher throughput in comparison to similar size Extrex® GP. Although still limited in quantity due to new technology in Indonesia we PT Siberhegindo Teknik and MAAG are always the market leader in Plastic Extrusion throughout Indonesia. This is simply because we provide far better and higher technical support and after sales service to all our customers than any of other gear pumps manufacturers.

Maag EX 70-5HV Extrusion Pump

First Desktop Personal 3D Printer "uPrint" in Surabaya
First uPrint was installed on 29-30 June 2009 in Surabaya at a leading Speaker Manufacturing company which produce high quality speakers, speakers housing and electronic parts to well known brands from Japan and Korea. This company has been looking for a 3D Rapid Prototype machines of size like uPrint for some times and found that uPrint is a perfect match for their products on top of very reasonable price. PT Siberhegindo Teknik provided the base cabinets assembled with strong wheels on which the machine can be placed comfortably. The wheels help to move uPrint with cabinets from one place/room to other easily. All the materials and accessories can also be put inside two cabinets. We can provide all these accessories to all uPrint buyers.

Mr. Rio, Mr. Dwi and Mr. Langang with their New uPrint

Maag Asia Seminar in Singapore
Maag Pump Systems Asia office has organized a Seminar at the Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel in Singapore on 11-12 June 2009 led by Sales Director Mr. Kurt Studer. The seminar was nicely arranged by MPS Asia team headed by Seah Poh Siang and attended by  agents from India, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and Korea. From Indonesia Thein Win, Farida Win and Ommar Win attended. The information provided by MPS are sincere, transparent and technically very useful for the agents including certain new products. MPS has been market leader in PET segment and all of us need to work harder to keep control of PET market as well as to grow in the other areas such as Extrusion, Industrial and Rubber Market. We request MPS to hold such seminar at least once a year to get all of us closer and to share the knowledge. We thank a lot to Kurt, Seah, Desmond, CH and Esther for all their efforts for making this event successful.

MPS Asia Team Seminar in Singapore

Our Service Engineer trained for Dimension RP Machines
Siberhegindo service engineer Mr. Rifky Prawira was sent to Stratasys Service Training in Bangkok for a week training on FDM Dimension Machines in 20-26 June 2009. Mr. Rifky Prawira is now able to install, calibrate and train Dimension RP machines in Indonesia under Stratasys head quarter in USA supports. Please contact Rifky for any service needs as he will be happy to help you. Mr. Rifky Prawira and our former Service Engineer Mr. Agustinawan are the only authorized service person in Indonesia by Siberhegindo Teknik and Stratasys-Dimension USA. No other person is allowed to service our Stratasys machines in Indonesia.

Rifky Prawira (left) at Stratasys Training in Bang

uPrint Wins “Golden Mousetrap” Award

The uPrint Personal 3D Printer has been named Best Product Winner in Design News magazine's 2009 Golden Mousetrap Awards. The award recognizes new and innovative products that help design engineers, and uPrint was selected from a record number of entries. Golden Mousetrap Award Winner     Popular Mechanics July Issue

Dimension Dazzles Jay Leno
Find out more about the 3D Printer that Jay Leno praises in a recent issue of Popular Mechanics and on his Jay Leno's Garage web site.

Farida Win (Siberhegindo), Pradeep Nair (Sales Director -Stratasys, ASEAN), Woody Frost (VP Stratasys USA) and Arjun Prasad (Stratasys - ASEAN)

World's First Desktop Personal 3D Printer "uPrint"
 Stratasys USA, Dimension has launched the latest first desktop personal 3D Printer "uPrint " in Kuala Lumpur on 24th - 27th February 2009 at the Sunway Lagoon.  Mr. Woody Frost, VP of Stratasys USA, Mr. Fred Fisher, Marketing Manager and Mrs, Mary Stanley, Product Manager both from Stratasys USA gave training to ASEAN dealers.Features of "uPrint" are as follows:

- Affordable 3D printing – right at your desk 
- Small footprint – 25” x 26” (635 x 660mm)
- Build envelope of 8 x 6 x 6 in (203 x 152 x 152 mm)
- Creates durable ABSplus™ models in ivory
- Easy to use – with Catalyst®EX software
- Utilizes
proven FDM technology - Soluble Support Removal

Siberhegindo Teknik keeps Demo Machine and Ready Stock of Dimension uPrint in Jakarta. We can deliver new machines at any time. Siberhegindo also accepts jobs orders to build "3 D Functional Rapid Prototype Models'' with very strong ABS plus material at our office in Jakarta. All we need is 3D STL file from you. We charge only very reasonable price. In the near future we will invest and install more 3D machines to accept non-mass production parts for manufacturing industries

Mr. Woody Frost (VP Stratasys USA), Mr. William Tan (DKSH S'pore), Mr. Keong (Starsysjaya Malaysia) with Mr. Win

Farida Win (Siberhegindo), Mary Stanley (Product Manager Stratasys USA) and Miss Ai Lay (Starsysjaya Malaysia)

We again sold  TruPulse 360 and 1 TruPulse 200 in October 2009. We also sold 4 sets of TruPulse 200 in May 2008 to Yachio Engineering Co., Ltd. in Middle Java for Volcanic Research. It is a low-cost workhorse for professional measurement. There are already several TruPulse being used in Indonesia. The TruPulse 200 & 360 are reflector less laser rangefinder incorporates an integrated tilt sensor for height measurements, through-the-lens targeting, in-scope data display and advanced targeting modes to easily provide accurate distance and height data for Forestry, Telecom, T&D and GIS professionals. We keep ready stock and call us today for demo and further details. Ready Stock

LTI TruePulse 200 & 360

There are more than 60 RD 1000 are being used in Forestry Department in Indonesia. We are confident to sell more in the future. RD 1000 is first electronic Basal Area/Dendrometer specifically engineered for the forest industry utilizing the latest technology and established measurement techniques. With unparalleled precision, low-cost and ease-of-use, the RD 1000 will change the way you work in the forests. We keep ready stock. Call us for demo and further details. Ready Stock

Criterion RD 1000

Gilson Peristaltic Pump MP3
We have ready stock of Gilson Minipuls 3 Peristaltic Pump in April 2009. We sold Minipuls 3 Peristaltic Pump to a customer in Bandung in January 2008. A Korean Company located in Pasuruan also has ordered 6 sets of MP3 in July 2007. Hospitals and laboratory needs several MP3. It is reasonable price, very easy and efficient to use. High Performance and Versatile, Reliable and Robust. The key to a successful peristaltic-pump application is to optimize the selection of pump head, tubing and drive. Gilson supplies high quality tubing and connectors. Please call us today for demo at your laboratory. You can also order from us Gilson Minipuls Evolution . Ready Stock

MP3 Peristaltic Pump

Lauda Ecoline Immersion Thermostet
We sold again in November 2009 another Lauda Ecoline Staredition RE 104 to UNILEVER Indonesia. In April 2009 we delivered Lauda Ecoline Staredition RE 206 to a Korean Company. We also sold Ciba Vision manufacturing plant located at Batam, 4 sets of Lauda Ecoline Immersion Thermostet in August 2008.  LAUDA is the global leader in the manufacture of innovative thermostatic equipment and systems for science, application technology and production, as well as for high quality measuring devices. LAUDA products can keep temperatures constant to an impressive 5 thousandth °C or make targeted changes in an area spanning –100 °C to 400 °C. LAUDA measuring instruments determine the surface tension, tension limit and viscosity of liquids with precision accuracy. Please call us today if you need detail information about Lauda products.

Lauda Product Range

Smart Tool Automatic Levelling
We have ready stock Smart Tools in March 2009. We sold 30 pieces of 60" Smart Tool to Telecom Line Constructors in February 2007. More than 70 pieces of Smart Tools Leveling Instruments are used in the telecom construction lines throughout Indonesia. We always keep ready stock. Please call us today for demo at your place. There are also 120" and 180" length of Smart Tools ready at our stock. Ready Stock

Gilson New Stocks
New stocks of Gilson Pipettes, Accessories and Spare Parts will arrive again in August- 2009. We have again complete stock . As new stocks are sold out very quickly, please place your order soon. Laboratories like Gilson Pipettes as they are very accurate and strong to all chemicals. Siberhegindo is NO. 1 Pipette supplier in Indonesia equipped with huge stocks, complete spare parts, service and calibration facilities. Please see our complete Stock List.
Please call Rudy and Aris or see our complete Stock List which we update every 2 weeks.


Gilson On-site Training

Gilson Minipuls Evolution
New products from Gilson, offering unmatched flexibility and performance for liquid transfer applications, the Minipuls Evolution® is designed for scientists seeking a high performance, easy-to-use peristaltic pump capable of a variety of configurations. Gilson offers the only peristaltic pump that allows for channel cartridges, from one to sixteen, to be changed while the pump is running with a simple and quick additional head placement and/or removal. Call us today for complete information and price.

Minipuls Evolution

GILSON MOTORIZED PIPETTE IS NOW A READY STOCKA research institution under UGM has ordered 4 sets of
Gilson Motorized Pipette PIPETMAN CONCEPT. Out of several competitors the customer selected Gilson which has better quality and accuracy. We have also keep some model ready in our stock. Concept has special features and able to download data to PC and you are able to program according to your needs. It has very clear and sharp display. No doubt that Concept is the most advanced Digital motorized pipette in the world. Please call us today for demo at your place at any time. Ready Stock

Gilson Motorized Pipetman Concept

Gilson Safe Aspiration Station
The Gilson Safe Aspiration Station is a stand-alone vacuum system that incorporates all the essential characteristics to aspirate quickly and safely all kinds of  liquids in a laboratory and collect them in a 4 liter polypropylene bottle. A separate kit comprised of an aspiration-handle and a set of adaptors is also available for users seeking a simple solution to improve their comfort and productivity.
Part No. F110741, Gilson safe Aspiration Station is Rp. 16,200,000 Ready Stock
Part No. F110742, Gilson Safe Aspiration Kit is Rp. 2,800,000 Ready Stock   


Gilson Mini Centrifuge
Gilson has released its new Mini Centrifuge called "GmCLab" in June 2006 and sold widely. The Gilson mini Centrifuge for Lab is a compact, reliable, simple-to-use and single speed personal centrifuge.  It allows the operator to quickly separate particles from supernatant (sedimentation) in a solid-liquid mixture or spin down liquids to the bottom of tube (by gravity) under the action of the centrifugal force. The advantage is the lid can be opened fully downwards to have free space to replace tubes. We will have ready stock. Call us in advance to see the Demo Unit. Ready Stock

Gilson GmCLab Mini Centrifuge

Gilson Vortex Mixer GV Lab
Our stock is sold out in February and will add new stock in March. Every laboratory needs one GV Lab. Reasonable price, very easy and efficient to use. Accommodates any size of tubes and vials up to 30 mm diameter. Please call us today for demo at your laboratory. Ready Stock

GV Lab

Gilson LabStir
We have ready stock. Every laboratory needs one Labstir. Reasonable price, very easy and efficient to use. Ultra-flat design, better mixing quality, friction-free drive technology, accommodates containers up to 800ml and variable speed control.  Please call us today for demo at your laboratory. Ready Stock


New Staff and New Operation Facilities
During 2007-2008, we have added 8 more staff and extended our operations at 50 sq meter office space at the Cosa Building at Jalan Tomang Raya No. 70, Jakarta 11430, Tel: + 62 21 567 4808, +62 21 5674809, +62 21 5674810, Fax: + 62 21 568 1029 and also another 30 sq meter Show Room for Swiss Hutless Karts & Accessories at Jl. Dempo No. 20, Menteng, Jakarta 10320, Tel: 62 21 3904130. We will continue to invest, upgrade our facilities and expand our operation and product range in 2009.
We expand our business in Printing and Print Finishing, Chemical Industries, Food Packaging, Flavors and Ingredients and High Class Equipments for Hotels and Restaurants, Race Karts & Accessories in addition to our existing product lines.
We add one more Toyota Avanza in July 2007, another in January 2008 and one box truck in May 2008, next to existing 3 Brand New Cars to cope with growing principals, staff and work load. We have also added new Laptops and Desktop computers in 2008 and 2009 to our additional sales and account team members.
We are very well equipped with latest IT facilities. In the near future we are planning to add one more vehicle for Surabaya operation and to buy our own office and warehouse in a strategic area, again to serve better to our yearly growing customers. 
Our Swiss Hutless Race Kart business now grow gradually after the Formula 1 night race took place in Singapore in September 2008.

Our operation Three Brand New Vehicles added in 2007 & 2008 for Tebet and Tomang Offices ( Total fleet is 6 Vehicles and 10 Motocycles for 3 offices )


Training at Sherwood Flame Photometers
In July 2008, we have sent our Chemist Mr. Riyanto to Sherwood Scientific in Cambridge, UK for a week for application training of Sherwood Flame Photometer, Colorimeter, Fluid Bed Dryer, Magnetic Susceptibility Balance, Microwelder, Chloride Analysers. We have sold handful of Sherwood Scientific products in 2008 and it is necessary that Mr. Riyanto gets proper and up to date training from specialists from Sherwood Scientific. We thank Sherwood for arranging this training. Please contact Mr. Riyanto for any technical assistance if you have questions with Sherwood Scientific products. Also, please call us if you need presentation of Sherwood Scientific products. Mr. Riyanto will be happy to come to your place.

Mr. Riyanto at Sherwood Scientific, UK

  Laser Technology Ultralyte
We have sold again one set UltraLyte Traffic Safety Systems in July 2008 to Conoco Phillips. LTI Ultralight Digital Speed Measuring and Recording Systems is most accurate to measure the speed of all types of vehicles and ships. Ultralight is a handheld Speed Detector which is widely used in USA, Australia and Europe. It is light in weight, very reliable and accurate and can read the speed of all moving objects from long distance. Also can connect to computer to store the data. It can also attach with digital camera to take the picture and speed of all vehicles and ships. Six Digicam Systems are already installed in Indonesia starting 2005.  Please call us if you want to know more details on UltraLyte and its complete system MicroDigicam.

Ultralight Speed Detector

  Customer Care by Maag Pump Systems (MPST)
As a part of "Customer Care Program" Maag Senior Engineer Mr. Martin Sauter and Maag Service Engineer Mr. Tan Cher Hoo had visited with us Maag Pump users of Polyester Plants, in Jakarta and surrounding area in July 2008. Since Maag has installed almost 1,000 pumps of all types in Indonesia at many Chemical and Polyester Plants, it is important to visit and see the pumps conditions and availability of spare parts. Please let us know if you need our visit. Similar visit for Extrusion Industries is made by other MPST Engineers May and July 2008. Maag will assist with its engineers in any modification of big size pumps locally thereby reducing significant costs and time. No other gear pump manufacturers provide such service. We are the only one.

Modification of Maag Pump

Application Training at the Stratasys USA
PT Siberhegindo Teknik has sent Mr. Dewa Made (photo third from left) from Astra Honda Motor for Training at the Stratasys in USA for FDM  Rapid prototyping Machine for more efficient application of FDM Maxum at the Astra Honda Motor. Mr. Made has studied a lot from Stratasys USA and able to operate and maintain the Maxum at full capacity. Astra Honda Motor always build new prototype model of motorcycles first by Stratasys FDM Maxum before mass production. PT Siberhegindo Teknik fully backs up with required build and support materials for AHM.
We are prepared to send our customers to USA for necessary application training for all the Stratasys FDM 360mc, 400mc and 900mc machines. None of other RP brand can provide this kind of service like us.


Mr. Dewa Made at Stratasys USA

  Stratasys International Meeting in Hollywood USA
Our President Director Mr. Thein Win was invited to attend Stratasys International Meeting at Hollywood, USA on 22-27 January 2008. It was also the anniversary that Stratasys has sold more than 9,000 FDM Rapid Prototype machines world wide.

It was an excellent meeting and conference where outside speakers from Boeing, Honda and few others were invited to give independent view on all types of RP machines that they are using and the advantage of FDM Technology over other RP technology. This explain why FDM technology has highest market share among all RP technology. The sales growth of Stratasys and Dimension machines are remarkably high in the past few years and is keep growing.

During this conference Stratasys has introduced FDM 900mc and FDM 360mc. These new machines build speed are extremely fast, with far higher accuracy and their built models are far more stronger and smoother. In the future FDM 900mc, 400mc, 300mc and 200mc will continue as high end machines whereas Dimension 3D Elite, SST and BST will continue as low end personal own machines. Please call Mr. Win, Mr. Wanji, Mr. Rifki or Mr. Agustinawan, if you would like to have more information.

During his stay in Hollywood Mr. Win and his Stratasys colleagues got chance to visit Beverly Hills where Hollywood stars live, Rodeo Boulevard where stars do shopping, Kodak Theatre where Oscars awards are given and American Idols are held,  and Hollywood Boulevard (Fame Road) where famous stars name are printed and Chinese Theatre where you can see Stars fingers and foot prints. Many thanks to Stratasys management.

Stratasys Asian Team at Hollywood, Universal Studio on the closing day gala dinner.  (Mr. Thein Win at far right)

Mr. Thein Win at Hollywood Boulevard (Fame Road)

  HERMLE High Speed Centrifuge Z 36 HK
Hermle, Germany has added new product called High Speed Centrifuge Z 36 HK recently. It is maintenance free induction drive, Microprocessor with large LCD display, Motor driven lid lock, Automatic rotor identification and cut-off, Imbalance tolerant drive pin, A large variety of rotors and accessories, CFC-free refrigeration systems, Standstill cooling, Manufactured according to international safety regulation (ICE 1010), Audible signal at the end of each run with several melody options, Noise level under 60 dBA at max. speed.

Max Speed................30,000 rpm
Speed Range..............200 - 30,000 rpm 10 rpm increments
Temperature Range.....-20 Degree to 40 Degree C with 1 Deg Increment
Running Time...............99 h 59 min / 59 min 50 sec, 1 min / 10 sec Increment

Call us today for more details.

Angle Rotor     Swing out Rotor

Hermle 236 HK

  Pipette Service & Calibration Facilities
Miss. Amalie Maural from Gilson France has visited our Indonesian customers with our Gilson Team members namely. Amelie gave presentation on the effective use of Pipettes and the necessity on Service & Calibration. With the advice of Amelie, we have upgraded our Service facilities by building us a new Service & Calibration Room complete with Contamination facilities. It is a very good news to all our customers that PT Siberhegindo Teknik is the first and only one in Indonesia to provide Pipette Service & Calibration Facilities under the supervision of Gilson, France. Our engineers are already trained by Gilson in France in 2002,  2004, 2006, 2008 and 2009 (all together 6 person) to upgrade their knowledge on Application, Service & Calibration. We again prove that we and Gilson and Siberhegindo Teknik are the only reliable Pipette Supplier in Indonesia. We have complete stock of Pipette and accessories as well as spare parts. We are receiving pipettes of different brands for service and calibration almost every day and our service team is quite busy. We even provide Free of Charge replacement Gilson Pipette while your old pipette is under service with us. Nobody in Indonesia is willing to help customers like us. Please visit and see our facilities to find out yourself that no one else is better than us in Indonesia. Please call us today for any service requirements.

Service & Calibration

Complete Service Facilities at PT Siberhegindo Teknik Jakarta

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