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(Updated 15 September 2005 at 4:00 pm)

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A government institution bought 2 units of Dispensing Pump in November 2005 made by ISMATEC (Switzerland) via a dealer. PT Siberhegindo Teknik engineer Mr. Slamet has installed and trained the users. We also keep ready stock of GILSON MINIPLUS 3 HIGH PERFORMANCE PERISTATIC PUMP in additioon to Ismatec to complete the range. Please visit for more technical details or call us for detail brochure.

Ismatec, Calibrateable Dispensing Pump


  Laser Technology Instruments
The lates LTI Ultralight Digital Speed Measuring Systems is very accurate to measure the speed of all types of vehicles at high ways. Ultralight is a handheld Speed Detector which is widely used in USA, Australia and Europe. It is light in weight, very reliable and accurate and can read the speed of all moving objects from long distance. Also can connect to computer to store the data. It can also attach with digital camera to take the picture and speed of all vehicles. Few units are again coming to Indonesia. Please call us if you want to know the details.

Ultralight Speed Detector

  Sherwood Flame Photometers
We again sold one complete set of Sherwood Flame Photometer to a new project in Java in August 2005. Sherwood products quantity are growing in Indonesia as we also delivered of 2 sets of Flame Photometers for a Cement Factory and Paper and Pulp Factory in September 2003. All the units are installed in October 2003. In 2002 we delivered 3 sets to a University in middle Java.
Sherwood Scientific (UK) manufacturers: 
Flame Photometer, Colorimeter, Spectrophotometer, Fluid Bed Dryer, Magnetic Susceptibility Balance, Microwelder, Chloride Analysers 

Sherwood Flame Photometer

  Maag Industrial used Hydrolub Pump (NP Pump)
We have sold NP 28/36 to PT Inter World Steel Mill and NP 22/22 to PT Amoco Mitsui in July 2005. These pumps will arrive in August 2005. We have already sold more than 100 industrial pumps to various industries in Indonesia. NP pumps are used for the movement of high viscosity liquids especially crude oils. There are different sizes of NP pumps depending on the parameters of liquids such as vicosity, temperature, pressure, etc. Many industries are now using Maag Industrial pumps due to durability, strength and high accuracy. Please call us today for more information.

Maag Hydrolub Pump

  Sutarto and Slamet at Gilson in France
Dear all our Laboratory and Pipette customers, Mr. Sutarto and Mr. Slamet left Jakarta on 4th June 2005, Saturday for France to attend Sales & Application Training at Gilson factory in Paris. They  stayed in Paris for one week and returned to Jakarta on 13th June 2005. They both have studied a lot on Gilson and Manual Liquid Handling and Laboratory existing and new products. They shared knowledge with their colleagues from Singapore, Malaysia, India and Europe. They also enjoyed visiting around Paris. Please call them today to explain what they have learnt at Gilson France.
It is Siberhegindo commitment to make investment to train our staff overseas to be able to serve far better and efficiently to our Indonesian customers than our competitors. In 2005 alone Siberhegindo has already sent 3 of its staff to Europe (1 to Stratasys Germany and 2 to Gilson France) for product trainings. This is already 19 times since Siberhegindo established in 1993. None of other companies trained their staff as much as we do. Therefore, if you want quality products and after sales services we are only "one" in Indonesia.


Sutarto & Slamet infront of Eiffel Tower in Paris

  Stratasys Dimension SST
FDM Maxum is already here in Jakarta in 2003. Now FDM Dimension is already here in Bandung (POLMAN) in 2005.

FDM Maxum from Stratasys USA is biggest, fastest RP system with faster build speeds and one of the largest build envelopes available. Maxum can build sizes up to 600 x 500 x 600 mm. FDM Dimension SST is the smaller size and very good for educational purpose.Engineers use Stratasys rapid prototyping systems to speed up the review, approval and manufacturing of their design ideas. To turn CAD files into 3D models, Stratasys uses a patented technology called Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). This technology allows the use of non-toxic plastics and other materials to build strong and durable, fully functional prototypes. Stratasys systems can be used in any office environment without special venting or facility requirements.
Our Service Engineer Mr. Adler Zubir has returned from Stratasys Training Centre in Germany in February 2005 after Stratasys Dimention SST training. He has successfully installed Dimension SST and trained the engineers at POLMAN, Bandung in March 2005.

Stratasys Dimension SST

  Gilson New Stocks
More than 150 pieces of Gilson Pipettes, Accessories and Pipetman Micro Volume Starter Kit (including P2, P10, P100) stocks arrived on 28th January 2005. We have complete Starter Kits in huge stock . Please place your order soon. Laboratories like Starter Kits as they are complete with tips, etc to start a lab with small investment. Siberhegindo is NO. 1 Pipette supplier in Indonesia equipped with huge stocks, complete spareparts, service and calibration facilities.

Gilson Starter Kit

  DESAGA HPTLC / TLC Seminar at Marcopolo Hotel

HPTLC Specialist Mr. Gustav Heidt from Desaga, Germany visited Indonesia on 6 - 10 December 2004. Mr. Heidt gave a seminar at the Marcopolo Hotel which was attended by 30 (Thirty Participants) from various industries. Similar seminar was also made in Semarang on 10 December 2004 at the Parpros, 19 praticipants attended. We thank you so much to all our customers and friends who visited Desaga seminars. We will keep in touch with all the participants for further follow ups.

DESAGA manufacturs following product ranges:
HPTLC Applicator AS 30
HPTLC Densitometer CD 60
UV Viewing Systems
Video Densitometer
Separating Chambers
Power Supplies

Environmental Testing
Gas Sampler
Germ Sampler


HPTLC Seminar

HPTLC Demonstration

  Lauda Cooling Thermostet RE 106
A big fruit juice producer has last month ordered Lauda Cooling Thermostet 104 from us. This customer have been using our Thermostet for many years and satisfied with the performance. Please call us today if you need any further information on Lauda or visit


Lauda RE 106

Hermle Z 233 centrifuge sold to Prodia Laboratory in November 2004. We have sold Hermle Z 200 A centrifuge to PT Cognis Indonesia and first Z 233 centrifuge to Prodia Laboratory in April/May 2003.We have also sold a big size Z 400 to our dealer in Padang in 2002. This is first big Centrifuge of this type sold in Indonesia. Contact us if you need technical details for Hermle Centrifuges.

Hermle Z 233

  Underground Detectors and Locators
We have sold again Fischer (USA) TW-8800 to several industries in 2005. We also have many inquiries now. TW-8800 comes together in Receiver, Transmitter and Accessories. It is Accurate, Multi-frequency operation, Audio and Visual, Lsrge Easy to read LCD Display, comes in Hard or Soft Carrying Case. Weather Resistant Design.

Fisher TW-8800

  Tigra (France) Centrifuge
We have sold Tigra Multifunction Centrifuges to a Japanese funded project in central Java. Tigra centrifuges are made of Brush-less drive motor and Maintenance Free, Microprocessor Controlled. They come with Lid lock safety and with RS 232 option. The centrifuge is already installed and running well now.

Tigra CFM15KR

  Modification of Maag Gear Pumps
We can now make pump modifications in Indonesia such as drilling of pump housing and installing temperature and pressure probes under MPST Zurich & Asia technical supports. We installed in November 2001 four temperature probes and one pressure probe in Vacorex VX 180 to be able to monitor critical parameters. We did similar modification in even bigger Vacorex VX 224 in 2002 locally. Both of these big pumps are working very well until today. Please contact us if you want to know more.


VX 224 under Modification in Indonesia

  LTI Service Training in Singapore
Siberhegindo has sent Senior Sales Engineer Mr. Tri Wardhana and Service Engineer Mr. Adler Zubir to LTI, Laser Technology Instruments Service Training in Singapore in on 6-10 August 2004 organized by Engineers from LTI USA. SHT has already sold several of LTI products to many customers in Indonesia and now able to provide local service facilities to all our customers. Please contact us today if you want to repair and calibrate your LTI Impulse and Speed Gun Lasers.

LTI Impulse & Speed Gun

  Pipette Calibration Training at the Gilson France
PT Siberhegindo Teknik Service Engineer Mr. Adler has attended Gilson Pipette Service and Calibration training in Gilson Factory in France in June 2004. Mr. Adler already has experience in Pipette Service and now been upgraded with latest knowledge. We have complete stock of spareparts and necessary tools for service and calibration back-up by Gilson France. Please send us all your used pipettes for service and calibration to Mr. Adler (photo third from left).

Mr. Adler Zubir at Gilson France

  Application Training at the Stratasys USA
PT Siberhegindo Teknik has sent Mr. Dewa Made (photo third from left).from Astra Honda Motor for Training at the Stratasys in USA for FDM  Rapidprototyping Machine in June 2004 for more efficient application of FDM Maxum at Astra Honda Motor. Mr. Made has studied a lot from Stratasys USA and now able to operate the Maxum at full capacity. For all the big machines that we sold we are prepared to send our customers to USA and Europe for necessary application training.

Mr. Dewa Made at Stratasys USA

  Maag Filtration Elements
We have delivered 40 Candle Filters to a Polymer Manufacturer in May 2004. This is the first batch of Maag MPST Filter Elements sent to Indonesia and we believe we will have more MPST filter users in the near future.

Filter Elements

  Protimeter - Ashworth
We have sold Speedy Moisture Tester D2 again in May 2004 to one of our dealers. Many of our Ashworth Speedy Moisture Testers are used in Public Works Department, Glass Manufacturing companies and several others. D series are highly accurate, robust and easy to operate.

Speedy Moisture Tester

  Laser Technology Instruments
A big mining company ordered in April 2004 LTI Ultralight to measure the speed of mining trucks at mining site. Ultralight is a handheld Speed Detector which is widely used in USA, Australia and Europe. It is light in weight, very reliable and accurate and can read the speed of all moving objects from long distance. Also can connect to computer to store the data. It can also attach with digital camera to take the picture and speed of all vehicles. Few units are already been used in Indonesia. Please call us if you want to know the details.

Ultralight Speed Detector

  Maag Hydrolub Pump
A shipping company from Surabaya ordered Maag Hydrolub NP pump in April 2004 to use in the ships. NP pumps are used for the movement of high viscosity liquids especially crude oils in ships. There are different sizes of NP pumps depending on the parameters of liquids such as vicosity, temperature, pressure, etc. 

Maag Hydrolub Gear Pumps

  Maag Spare Parts
In 2004 we have delivered several spareparts to our customers in Indonesia. Since delivery times are longer for bigger parts, we request to place your orders in few months advance to get the parts on time without interrupting your operation. Please do not forget to indicate pump Serial No. or Order No. in your inquiry. 

Parts for Maag Gear Pumps

  Pipette Service & Calibration Facilities
Mr. Remi Boutinet from Gilson France has visited our Indonesian customers in January 2004 with our Gilson Team members namely, Mr. Alfi, Mr. Sutarto and Mr. Adler. Mr. Remi gave presentation on the effective use of Pipettes and the necessity on Service & Calibration. With the advice of Mr. Boutinet, we have upgraded our Service facilities by building us a new Service & Calibration Room complete with Contamination facilities. These new facilities in now ready on 1st March 2004. It is a very good news to all our customers that PT Siberhegindo Teknik is the first and only one in Indonesia to provide Pipette Service & Calibration Facilities under the supervision of Gilson, France. Our engineer Mr. Alfi Syahril is already trained by Gilson in France in 2002 and our Mr. Adler Zubir will go to Gilson in France in 2004 to upgrade his knowledge on Service & Calibration. We again prove that we and Gilson are the only reliable Pipette Supplier in Indonesia. We have complete stock of Pipette and accessories as well as spare parts. Please visit and see our facilities to find out yourself that no one else is better than us in Indonesia. Please call us today for any service requirements.

Service & Calibration

Complete Service Facilities at PT Siberhegindo Teknik Jakarta

Gilson New Catalog  
Gilson Manual Liquid Handling Catalog is available now with us. We are sending to all our customers. If you are unintentionally missed out, please call us. You can find all the new products such as Pipetteman Ultra Multichannel, Gilson Pipetting Aid, Pipetman Service Pack and D300 and D5000/D10ml Tips and many other important informations inside the new catalog. Please call us today.

Pipetting Aid

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