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(Updated 31 December  2003 at 4:00 pm)


Calendar for 2004

We have printed 1000 pieces of Desktop Calendar for 2004. We will distributed to all our customers and friends.
We apologize if some of you were missed out unintentionally in 2003. Please give us your name so that we make sure that you receive the calendar for 2004 which is ready now in December 2002. Please call Pak Erwin today.

Sherwood Flame Photometers
Our Sales Engineer Pak Alfi has attended Sherwood Products Training last week at the CIA Exhibition in Singapore. Sherwood products quantity are growing in Indonesia as we received orders of 2 sets of Flame Photometers from a Cement Factory and Paper and Pulp Factory in September 2003. All the units are now installed in October 2003. Sherwood Scientific (UK) manufacturers: 
Flame Photometers, 
Chloride Analyser and 
Dynamic Moisture Analysers

Sherwood Flame Photometer

Maag Vacorex MR Series
MR pumps are Millinium Retrofit Series Pumps which can replace your existing pump of lower capacity to increase the output without changing the major dimensions. Thus you have no spacing problems and easily fit in with higher capacity MR pumps in your existing lines. We have supplied a Vacorex VX 224 pump to a polymer industries in 2003 to replace VX 180. If you have similar requirements, please call us today for more technical explanation.

Laser Technology Instruments
Our stock - Impulse main unit was already sold out in September 2003 to Forestry Department in Cepu. New Impulse for stock will arrive in November 2003 . If you are interested to order Impulse complete with accessories please book before you get late

LTI Impulse

Gilson Pipette New Stock
New stocks of Gilson Pipettes, Tips and Accessories now arrived in December 2003.  New Economy YELLOW & BLUE Tips, Limited Editions Pipettes and Accessories arrived and Ultra Digital Pipettes are added in our ready stock list. We have complete stock in big quantity. No other Pipette supplier in Indonesia afford to keep as much stock as we have at PT Siberhegindo Teknik. We make it easy and quick for all our new and old customers. Just order GILSON and we will deliver it to you in one hour time at any quantity .



We have sold Hermle Z 200 A centrifuge to PT Cognis Indonesia and Z 233 centrifuge to Prodia Laboratory in April/May 2003. We have also sold a big size Z 400 to our dealer in Padang in 2002. This is first big Centrifuge of this type sold in Indonesia. Contact us if you need technical details for Hermle Centrifuges.

......Z200A.....        ......Z233M

Stratasys Maxum
FDM Maxum is now already here in Jakarta in 2003. 

FDM Maxum from Stratasys USA is biggest, fastest RP system with faster build speeds and one of the largest build envelopes available. Maxum can build sizes up to 600 x 500 x 600 mm. It's the fastest machine yet from Stratasys. It uses precision motion-control technology developed by the microchip-fabrication industry. Please call us today if you want to know more about FDM Maxum. 
Engineers use Stratasys rapid prototyping systems to speed up the review, approval and manufacturing of their design ideas. To turn CAD files into 3D models, Stratasys uses a patented technology called Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). This technology allows the use of non-toxic plastics and other materials to build strong and durable, fully functional prototypes. Stratasys systems can be used in any office environment without special venting or facility requirements. Please call us today if you want to see the models made by Stratasys FDM RP machine so that you will have better ideas. We will be happy to come and show you and explain about FDM concept.

            Stratasys FDM Maxum

Maxum Training in Jakarta January 2003

Good News to our Surabaya Customers
Our sales engineer Mr. Aria Trisna is stationed now full time in Surabaya with effect from 1 January 2003 to look closely after our customers located in Surabaya and its surrounding area. Mr. Trisna will provide aftersales service to the RODERS High Speed Milling Machine Model RFM 600/2 which was installed in May 2002 in Surabaya. We are planning to have a well equipped sales and technical supporting office in Surabaya in the near future. You can reach Mr. Aria Trisna at 031-8710761 or HP No. 0818375671.

 Roders RFM 600/2 High Speed Milling Machine in Surabaya

Mr. Klaus Struebel (Vice President Sales) of StarragHeckert visited potential customers in Jakarta on 10-11 February 2003.
Starrag Heckert machines are widely used in manufacturing Automobile Parts. Many automobile and aircraft factories in USA, Europe, Korea and Japan use production of automobile parts by Starrag Heckert machines. The speed and efficiency are extremely good and helpful in the production of difficult engine housings, covers and many other parts. In Indonesia there are already 38 Starrag Heckert machines. Please let us know today if you want to see the video or a real look of how Starrag Heckert machine works.

StarragHeckert CWK 400D/500D

Gilson Pipette Stock
We have sold more than 750 pipettes and accessories in 2002 to our Indonesian Customers. We expect to sell 1000 pipettes and accessories in 2003. We keep ready stocks of all pipettes and accessories and you can easily check it in our web site which is updated weekly. If you order now we will deliver it to you in one hour time. Gilson pipettes are no doubt best in the world and Siberhegindo Teknik is No.1 pipette supplier in Indonesia. 

Gilson Pipettes & Instruments

Maag Cinox Pump
We have again sold 3 Cinox Pumps to a big Polymer Industry located in Kerawang in January 2003. We also changed Mechanical Sealing System with Maag exclusively made Vispac Sealing System at a Polyester factory located in Tangarang and Serang. Please call us if you want to know more about Cinox Pump and Maag Vispec Sealing System.   

Maag Cinox Pump

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