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(Updated 31 December 2001 at 4:00 pm)

News from year 2001


Regional Director of Stratasys ASEAN Mr. Pradeed Nair has visited our Indonesian customers on 3 - 4 October 2001. Stratasys manufactures rapid prototype machines for Universities and Industries. Mr. Nair has left with us CD on product informations. Please call us today if you want to know details on Stratasys. 

Working Wrench 
ABS Material

Calendar 2002
We have printed 1000 pieces of Desktop Calendar in 2002. We have distributed to all our customers and friends.
We apologize if some of you are missed out unintentionally in 2002. Please give us your name so that we make sure that you receive the calendar for 2003 which will be ready in November 2002. We will print more for 2003 so that all of you can get it. Please call Pak Erwin today.

Our 2002 Calendar


A textile parts manufacturing company located in Bandung is quite interested to order ONA (Spain) made Wirecut machine. A test cut has already been made at ONA factory in Spain. We will be happy to do test cut for all the customers in Indonesia. For more technical detail please visit or call our Bpk Tri Wuryanto.


Maag Extrusion Pump
A big plastic extrusion industry located in Bogor has ordered Maag Extrusion Pump Extrex EX 70 ST to eliminate existing fluctuation of melt pressure in order to reach better film profile. Installing of Extrex Pump after your existing extruder always improve the melt pressure stability. Please call us if you want to know details of Extrex Pumps or click our Polymer Products Site

Maag Extrex ST Gear Pump

A big telephone communication company ordered 36 sets of Smart Level in August 2001 for the construction of cable lines. Smart levels are made by a company in USA. Smart levels are quite accurate, durable and very economic. All you need is 2 AA size battery. Contact us for detail technical information. New stocks will arrive in 2 weeks time.


We have sold Hermle Z 400 big centrifuge to our dealer in Padang for a Government Project in July 2001. This is first big Centrifuge of this type sold in Indonesia. Delivery will be made in a few days. Contact us if you need technical details for Z 400.

Hermle Z 400 Centrifug

BASF Indonesia has bought 4 units of Dispensing Pump in July 2001 made by ISMATEC (Switzerland). PT Siberhegindo Teknik engineer installed and trained the users at BASF. We will keep ready stock of certain pumps in the near future. Please visit for more technical details or call us for detail brochure.

Ismatec, Smallest Calibrateable Dispensing Pump


Our stock TW-770 is sold out few weeks ago to PDAM Bandung. We only have XLT-20 Acoustical Leak Detector, Valve Locators M-55 and M-96 in ready stock. New model TW-8800 and TW-7700 Multi-Frequency Digital Line Tracer will be in our stock soon. Fisher Detectors are already used in PDAM (State Drinking Water Supply), Jakarta, Padang, Bandung and Balikpapan since 1997. 

Fisher TW-7700

Gilson Pipette Sales Up
New stocks of Pipettes arrived last week and we have complete stocks in July 2001. We received many orders from various customers and deliveries are being made. Additional stocks will arrive again in August 2001. Please contact Bpk Sutarto or Bpk Dodiek if you want to make any reserves.

ThermoSpectronic is presently holding Asia and Oceania Distributor Meeting in Kuala Lumpur on 18-20 June 2001. Our product engineer Mr. Rahadian Sabarudin represented for Indonesia. During this meeting Thermo Spectronic Cambridge will launch Biomate 3 and Biomate 5 hardware and software. Mr. Rahadian Sabarudin will be glad to inform you the new product information within next week after his return. 

Biomate 3 and 5

Siberhegindo has added two operation vehicles complete with drivers and mobile phones in May 2001 to be able to give better services to all our customers. We have ordered brand new Daihatsu Taruna F Series EFI and Suzuki Grand Delux Van in May to cope with our customers' growing demands. Our product specialists and service technicians will be able to visit you at any time whenever you need. Our company assets, product ranges, stocks and personnel have significantly grown in 2000 and 2001 to better serve our customers in Indonesia.

Our New Additional Operation Vehicles

Siberhegindo at Pintu Gerbang Magzine
Pintu Gerbang Magazine is widely distributed and read at the Multinational Companies and higher management level. Our company name and details are listed a quarter page in the coming June/July edition. We hope our old and new customers will be refreshed and updated seeing and reading our new advertisement.

Advertisement at Pintu Gerbang Magazine

Complete Stocks
We have increased our stock level in 2001 and we are ready will all important stocks in April. Please see our Ready Stock Site and place your order on line. If you want to pay by Credit Card please talk with our Accountant Bpk Dodiek at Telephone No. 83794843 or just e-mail us. We guarantee that we are the most complete and reliable business partner for you in Indonesia.
Bioengineering has come out with a small KLF laboratory fermentor. KLF is the smallest unit in CSTR series of bioreactors. Its design permits straightforward interfacing with the Bioengineering modular instrumentations and control system, so that more instruments and controls can be added at any time (this is the first step in scaling up many processes). A benchtop apparatus, the KLF is the only small laboratory fermenter of its kind that can be sterilized in situ. If you are interested please call us for detail information brochure.

KLF Small Laboratory Fermenter 

Maag Therminox TX 45/45
A big multinational food manufacturing company located in Tangerang has ordered second unit of Maag Therminox TX 45/45 Gear Pump in March 2001. They have already bought similar unit in 2000. Maag Gear Pump sales are growing significantly since 1999 and all the old and new customers are very satisfied with our service under MPST Asia full supports.

Maag Therminox Gear Pump

Unicam name has now been changed to ThermoSpectronic. Range of UV-Visible Spectrometer remains the same and "improved" much under the new logo. Please visit for more details. We have sold all our stocks and new stocks will be coming in April 2001. Place your order soon before you get late as we are giving promotion discount. 

Thermo Spectronic HELIOS UV-Visible Spectrophotometers

DESAGA appointed Siberhegindo
DESAGA has appointed PT Siberhegindo Teknik as their sole agent for Indonesia starting from March 2001. Desaga is the world's known manufacturer of 
HPTLC Applicator AS 30
HPTLC Densitometer CD 60
UV Viewing Systems
Video Densitometer
Separating Chambers
Power Supplies
Environmental Testing
Gas Sampler
Germ Sampler

Please contact us for products information. Some of Desaga instruments are already been used in Indonesia. Siberhegindo will cover the after sales service of existing instruments. Stocks will be arriving in April 2001 and Desaga HPTLC Specialist will be visiting Indonesia in May 2001.

Desaga HPTLC Applicator AS 30

Desaga HPTLC Densitometer CD 60

Sherwood Chloride Analyser
A soap and detergent manufacturing company has ordered few sets of Sherwood Chloride Analysers in January 2001. At present we have no more stock left. New stock of 
Flame Photometers, 
Chloride Analyser and 
will be arriving in the first week of March 2001. So place your order before you get late.

Sherwood Chloride Analyser

Gilson Pipettes Sales jump in 2001
A big pharmeautical industry based in Bandung has placed several units of Gilson Pipettes in February in one week. We are surprised to see that we receive Pipettes order every day from various customers. We thank to all customers who are happy with our products and service. We are convinced that our prices are correct and cheaper than competitors for Indonesian users. On top of that we always have complete stock. You can see our Gilson Product Information  Banner at

Napco Precision
We have received new products catalogues from NAPCO and PRECISION  covering the following ranges:
NAPCO Products include
CO2 Incubators
Biosafety Cabinets
Vacuum Ovens
PRECISION Products include
Water Baths
Refrigerated Incubators
Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum Ovens
Magnetic Stirrers
One of our engineers will be trained at the NAPCO PRECISION soon in 2002. We are also planning to keep stock. 
Maag Pump Sales & Service
Starting January 1999 we sold Magg Gear Pumps and related Spares almost every week. Just in the start of 2001 we are receiving inquiries everyday. We tried all our best to quote in a week time. We do delivery all in time. After Maag has taken over LCI, EFC and Wil-man the inquiries become double from Indonesian Polymer, Plastic and Extrusion factories and make us overloaded. We are planning to add one more sales engineer to handle only LCI, EFC and Wil-men:
Filtration Systems & Elements
Heat Exchangers/Motionless Mixers
Screen Changers

Siberhegindo is in YAHOO.COM
Siberhegindo is now registered at the Yahoo Search Engine. You just have to type siberhegindo, then click search at the It means PT Siberhegindo is internationally recognized. Please try today. 
Thanks to all visitors in 2000
Our web site launched in March 2000 was visited by  5,987 times in year 2000. As an instruments company it is considered to be very successful. We thank to all the visitors and invite to visit our site also in 2001. We will improve and correct our site to be more informative in 2001 towards " E Commerce " and update more frequently. We received suggestion from certain valuable customers and we replied to each of them. We, however, cannot reply to those e-mails which have no valid address and contact telephone and fax numbers.
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