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Ready Made 3D Designs, 3D Software, 3D Printer & 3D Scanner

Some of our Ready Made High Precision Designs that we sell and provide technical support for modification according to your requirement at very reasonable price for your 3D Printing Machine of any Brands. Just use our service.
Please contact Mr. Thein Win at
or call + 62 816 961976 if you need price quotation.

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Alibre (USA)
We are Authorized Reseller for Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam & Myanmar


Fully parametric 3D solid modeling. Parts, assemblies, drawings, BOMs, along with a rich toolset to speed up your design. One-fifth the cost of comparable solutions. Very reasonable maintenance costs. Compare that to any other CAD company. Most 3D modeling software has dozens of complicated features you don't need, and you pay for them not only with your money, but with your valuable learning time. Alibre/Geomagic Design is simple, easy to learn, and gets the job done. Pay for what you need. Increase your ROI. Alibre Software is fully compatible to all 3D Printers and RP machines. Alibre 3D Software is just "complete" enough for each designer, architect, engineers, managers, etc.  Siberhegindo team can give complete training in Jakarta.
Starting from November 2012 Alibre CAM and newest version Alibre CAM 3 is produced, sold and serviced by MecSoft Corporation USA. Siberhegindo Teknik and Indonesian customers are fully supported by MecSoft.

Alibre Design Software cukup lengkap untuk hampir semua pekerjaan Desain 3D. dan biaya hanya +/-USD 2,400.00 dengan License 360 hari dengan Free Maintenance, Upgrade and Technical Supports. Silahkan download trial 30 hari dari untuk melihat kapasitas atau silahkan kunjungi kantor/showroom kami sehingga kami dapat memberikan melengkapi presentasi bersama-sama dengan 3D parts yang dibuat oleh Alibre Design Expert dan dicetak oleh Stratasys 3D Printer. Kami, Teknik Siberhegindo Teknik mampu memberikan pelatihan dasar lengkap dan dukungan penuh untuk semua paket Alibre Software. Jangan membeli Software lain yang mahal anda tidak perlu di awal. Mulai dengan Alibre Design Expert yang Kuat, Indah dan Mudah / POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL and EASY.
Contact Person: Thein Win (HP 0816 961 976)

"Remaining Stratasys Stock on SALE"
"First come first serve"

No one else can support you with 3D Technology as much as we do in Indonesia. We have Application Specialist and Service Engineers always ready to help you. Just visit us and see our machines by yourself.


Siberhegindo Teknik still keep "Ready Stock" of Brand New Dimension "uPrint and uPrintPlus 3D Print Pack (complete unit with accessories see picture at right)" in Jakarta. Please send your order soonest before the stock are sold out. We will give you training on both 3D Software and 3D Printer complete at our show room in Jakarta free of charge.

Siberhegindo also helps to accepts "Job Orders" to do complete design and build "3 D Functional Rapid Prototype Models'' with very strong ABS plus material at our office in Jakarta before our customers' own the machine. All we need is 3D STL file from you. We charge only very reasonable price.

" Siberhegindo Teknik has already sold and installed 22 (Twenty Two) Stratasys FDM Machines (1 x Maxum/Fortus 900mc, 1 x Fortus 250mc, 9 x Dimension SST/BST/Elite and 6 x uPrint & 5 x uPrintPlus) in Indonesia by end 2013.  All prestigious universities namely UGM, UNSRAT, UI  and Polytechnics namely POLMAN Bandung, POLMAN Timah and Institution namely BPPT bought our machines provided by 100% after sales supports. We now can supply our Ready Stock Uprint & uPrintPlus 3D Printer in a complete package with Alibre 3D and Materialise-Magics Software. We can give complete training for both 3D Software and 3D Printer in Jakarta.

Contact Person:
Farida Win (+62 812 1090 106)

Materialise (Belgium)

Materialise Software can edit and correct your STL file without going back to CAD file so that our Stratasys RP machines will have perfect STL file to print perfect 3D models.  It saves lot of your time. 
Contact Person: Farida Win (+62 812 1090 106)

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