PT Siberhegindo Teknik
Show Room:  Gedung Gajah, Unit B2, Ground Floor, No.111, Jalan Dr. Sahardjo Raya, Tebet, Jakarta 12810, Indonesia
 Jalan Tebet Dalam 1 J, No. 27, Tebet Barat, Tebet, Jakarta 12810, Indonesia
 Tel: + 62 21 8379 4843, + 62 21 8379 4844, + 62 21 8379 4845, Fax: 829 3865 e-mail: 

Ready Made 3D Designs

      Aeroplane                            Boat/Ship                                           Car                                   Wind Power                                 Hydraulic                                   Building        

We design all engineering and art works ready for your 3D Printers and CNC Machines of any brands. We also accept job orders for tailor made engineering design for all your needs of any sizes and dimensions no matter how sophisticated it is and no matter where you are in this part world. All we need is one page sketch (for example cars, ships, air planes, buildings, architectures, engines, spare parts, art works etc. of all kinds) and dimensions from you and print size, accuracy, brand and type of your 3D printers. "Quality of 3D Design is key for any 3D Printers". We have more than 16 (Sixteen) years of 3D design and 3 D Printer experiences which guarantee all your design needs. We use Alibre / Geomagic 3D Design Software analyzed and edited by Materialise Magic 3D Software to make sure models are ready to be printed and machining without problems. Instead of employing an experienced expensive designers and buying very expensive 3D softwares, call and hire us for our service. We guarantee for your satisfaction as we have been working already for more than 50 customers worldwide.

Please call Mr. Thein Win at + 62 816 961 976 or email to  today for all your 3D design needs or visit our showroom to see various ready made 3D designs and 3D models.

         Waist Mobile Phone Holder    Name Card Holder    Classic Car Back Mirror    Classic Car Head Lamp        Classic Car Dim Lamp          Car Body                        

  Tire & Rim                 PVC Pipe Holder          Arm Ring                         Knee Reinforcer                       Irregular Handle

Classic Car Handle            Screw Set                      Drone Chasis                              Spring                                Gears                          Long Propeller Blade                    Fan          

                       Bottle & Cup                 Bottle Lid                    Cup with Handle                             Wheel Base                           Fixed Wheel              Rotable Wheel           

                                     Light Holder                 Light Holder                  Wall Design                          Logo                             Logo                   Light Holder                  Sweets Cup                      

                        Floor Cross Section        Grill Door         Hinge & Holder        Stair              Stair with Handles         Stair with Wooden Steps      Stairs with I Beam                                                     

         Bowl                            Cabinet               Pipette Holder                  Propeller                             Name Plate                        Sewage Piping               Switch Cover

       Funnel                      Cable Holder                             Vent                                    Exhaust Vent                       Pipe Holder                            Car Show  Stand          

      Water Stopper                Phone Cover             Phone Holder               Hex-Ring                  Round Ring                    Flat Ring                 Car Front Grill            

                Pipe Holder (L)           Pipe Holder (R)              Mosquito Coil Machine                 Sheet Metal                                     Pipe Connectors (Two, Three, Six)                                 

                                                 Screw Holder                                                     Foldable Rail Door                          Baby Ski         6 Person Life Saving Floating Capsule     

          Male Hinge             Trawler Hinge with Screw                Female Hinge                      Holder Hinge                   Trawler Hinge with Pin

     Pole Holder Base                         Car Chassis Assembly                        Wheel & Axle                       Cross Joint Axle                   4 Direction Bent Pipe 

            4 Direction Square Duck    Samsung S8/S9 Stand       Pipette Hanger                              


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