PT Siberhegindo Teknik
Show Room:  Gedung Gajah, Unit B2, Ground Floor, No.111, Jalan Dr. Sahardjo Raya, Tebet, Jakarta 12810, Indonesia
 Jl. Tebet Dalam 1 J, No. 25, Tebet Barat, Tebet, Jakarta 12810, Indonesia
 Tel: + 62 21 8379 4843, + 62 21 8379 4844, + 62 21 8379 4845 Fax: + 62 21 829 3865

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Pipette Preventive Tips

  1. Always store your pipettes in an upright position
  2. Test your pipettes each morning before use by depressing the plunger several times
  3. Do not use your pipette at a range higher or lower than it was designed for
  4. Pipettes should be checked daily using a calibration pipetting tip
  5. Pipette slowly, holding the pipette no more than 20 degrees from the vertical
  6. Never invert or lay pipette on it's side while liquid is in the tip
  7. Check tip for proper fit
  8. Use proper tip designed for your particular pipette
  9. Keep the coupling snug around the shaft
  10. Check end of shaft for hair-line fracture
  11. Never disassemble model P-2 and P-10 Pipetman by yourself because of the small size and fragility of the components
  12. If your pipette is dropped or dripping CALL 62 21 83794843/4/5 for immediate service
  13. Call for service at the first sign of trouble
  14. Service is available at PT Siberhegindo Teknik 7 days a week - 24 hours a day

Service & Calibration

Pipetmann Ultra Multichannel

Gilson Catalog for 2013-2014
Gilson Manual Liquid Handling Catalog for 2013-2014 is available now with us both in Electronic version and Printed version. We are sending to all our routine customers. If you are accidentally missed out, please call us. You can find all the new products and many other important information inside the new catalog. Please call us today.


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