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(Updated 31 December  2002 at 4:00 pm)

Leak Detectors

Fisher XLT-20 Acoustical Leak Detectors are sold out in November 2002 and no more stock left. XLT-20 is no longer available as it is discontinued. You can still order a similar type XLT-16 on indent basis or higher grade leak detectors. Please see our stock list.
Calendar 2003
We have printed 1000 pieces of Desktop Calendar for 2003. We will distributed to all our customers and friends.
We apologize if some of you were missed out unintentionally in 2002. Please give us your name so that we make sure that you receive the calendar for 2003 which is ready now in November 2002. Please call Pak Erwin today

Laser Technology Instruments
Our stock - Impulse main unit was already sold out in September 2002. New Impulse for stock will arrive in October 2002 . If you are interested to order Impulse complete with accessories please book before you get late.

LTI Impulse

Maag Extrusion Pump
A big plastic BOPP film extrusion industry located in Bogor has ordered the second set Maag Extrusion Pump Extrex EX 70 ST in May 2002 and installed in September 2002. The installation of Extrex pump is to eliminate existing fluctuation of melt pressure in order to reach better film profile. Installing of Extrex Pump after your existing extruder always improve the melt pressure stability. Please call us if you want to know details of this customer and Extrex Pumps or click our Polymer Products Site

Extrex EX 70 ST Pump

Laser Technology Instruments
Our stock - Criterion 400 was already sold out in June 2002. In the future we will keep only Impulse and Ultra Lyte stock. We now have Impulse stock complete with accessories. Please book before you get late.

LTI Criterion 400

Sherwood Scientific
Our stock - Colorimeter was sold out in June 2002. New stock will come in few months time. We still have Cloride Analyser and Portable Spectrometer ready in stock.

Colorimeter with Printer

Smart Level - Wedge (M-D)
A big telephone communication company which already has 36 sets ordered again 22 sets of Smart Level in July 2002 for the construction of cable lines. Smart levels are made by a company in USA. Smart levels are quite accurate, durable and very economic. All you need is 2 AA size battery. Contact us for detail technical information. New stock will arrive in 2 weeks time.

Smart Level

A multinational Stainless Steel Flatware & Cookware manufacturing company located in Sidoarjo, East Java has ordered RODERS GMBH High Speed Milling Machine Model RFM 600/2 complete with Inductive System for Shrinking of Tools in 2001. The machine is now installed in May 2002 by Roders Engineer Mr. Lars Rogge. The users are trained properly on 1 - 6 May 2002 and the machine is now running very well. All our Machine Tools customers throughout Indonesia can now come and see the machine as a good local reference. It is now not needed to go and see Roders machine outside Indonesia. Please call us today if you want to know more information on Roders machines. Good news is that we can also supply carbide cutters and cutter grinders. We are your one stop shopping center for Milling Machines and accessories. 

Roders RFM 600/2 High Speed Milling Machine

Regional Director of Stratasys ASEAN Mr. Pradeed Nair has visited our Indonesian customers again on 20 -23 May 2002 in June 2002 and also in September 2002. Mr, Nair has visited our potential customers in Jakarta and Bandung area. 

Working Wrench 
ABS Material

Maag Pumps Systems Textron
MPST Senior Technical Engineer Mr. Seah Poh Siang has visited Indonesian customer in West Java on 6 - 8 May 2002 to provide technical supports. Mr. Seah will visit again in the near future to East Java.

Maag Cinox Pump

 Gilson Pipette Stock
More than 100 units of new stocks arrived again in April - May 2002. We have now complete stock including tips, racks and spare parts. We can deliver any model of pipettes within two hours time in Jakarta area. Please call Bpk Sutarto. Please click Gilson Pipette & Accessories Stock List for detail stock list updated weekly. We provide a beautiful gift of "30 cm Diameter Gilson Wall Clock" to all laboratories which order Gilson Pipettes in 2002. We have made only 100 pieces, please place order and call Bpk Sutarto/ Bpk Erwin if you want to have one. 



Gilson Pipette Training in France
Our Products Application Engineer Mr. Alfi has attended  Pipettes Application Training at Gilson France on 14 - 20 April 2002. Mr. Alfi can help to all our customers in Indonesia more when he returns. Please call him whenever you need technical support. If you want to know how is your Pipette and how to calibrate it please click here.

Polymer Industries
Some of our customers quite often ask the websites of Polymer Industries in Indonesia. Majority of Polymer Industries website throughout Indonesia are listed at Polymer and Chemical Industries Site where you can visit. As new information available we will update it for you.

Our Sales Teams are now equipped with Laptop Computers
In January 2002 our sales engineers carry Laptop Computers to our customers to show our products range and details. All our principals' product information are downloaded in laptops and customers can see complete information in a presentation. On top of that all our sales engineers carry their mobile phone with them. Our customers can reach them at any time. Call us today if you need any products presentation at your place. We are ready to come.

Polymer Pumps
We have sold 3 Polymer Pumps to a Nylon Factory  located in the middle Java this week. The volume of Maag Polymer, Extrusion and Chemical Pumps users are growing significantly all over Indonesia in the last 3 years under the excellent supports of Siberhegindo Teknik and Maap Pump Textron Asia Office located in Singapore. If you need any information on Maag Pump and System please call us today or just click above Polymer Pumps heading.

Maag Pumps Users Reference in Indonesia
There are 25 Industries which are using hundreds of Maag Pumps all over Indonesia as follows:

Polymer Industries.................12
Plastic Extrusion Industries.......3 
Food Industries.......................4
Chemical & Other Industries....6
Rubber Industries....................1

Please do not hesitate to call us if you want to know technical details of these industries. 


Modification of Maag Gear Pumps
We can now make pump modifications in Indonesia such as drilling of pump housing and installing temperature and pressure probes under MPST Zurich & Asia technical supports. We installed in November 2001 four temperature probes and one pressure probe in Vacorex VX 180 to be able to monitor critical parameters. We will do similar modification in even bigger Vacorex VX 224 in 2002 locally. Please contact us if you want to know more.

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