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(Updated 31 December  2000 at 4:00 pm)

News from year 2000  

Smartec Engineer visit to Jakarta
Smartech is the manufacturer of Fiber optic sensor, Structural monitoring, Engineering, Instrumentation project management and Advanced data analysis. Mr. Roberto Walder of Smartec has visited Indonesian customers (Jalan Toll Project and Sukarno Hatta  Airport Administration) on 27 November 2000. Both parties are planning to use Smartec SOFO mornitoring system to control concrete cracks. This is the first visit of Smartec to Indonesia. Please click here for Smartec details 
Smartec (Switzerland)

           Smartec System

ONA EDM & Wire Cut Specialist visit to Jakarta
ONA Sales Engineer Mr. Mikel Maiztegi has visited our Machine Tools Customers in Jakarta on 9 to 10 November 2000. This is first ONA engineer visit to Jakarta/Indonesia and now ONA and our prospective customers are more confident to use ONA machines. Please call Pak Andy if you wish to know more about ONA.

ONA Machine

GDW Lathe Machines
Engineering Education Development Project (EEDP) funded by ADB Loan No. 1432-INO 1998 has selected our GDW LZ 350 Lathe Machines. In July 2000, 13 LZ350 Lathes were delivered as follows:
-3 machines at the Universitas Gajah Mada in Yogyakarta
-5 machines at the Universitas Tadulako at Central Sulawesi
-5 machines at the Universitas Riau at Sumatra
GDW Lathes are of very good quality, easy to operate and price is reasonable. This is the reason our LZ machines were selected in this tender.
We can quote all spares required for GDW lathe machines. Please send your inquiries.
LZ 350 is discontinued and replaced by LZ 360

GDW LZ 360

Sherwood Flame Photometers
We have supplied 3 sets of Flame Photometers to Universitas Gajah Mada in Yogyarkarta through our dealers. All the units are installed and running very well. Sherwood (UK) manufactures: 
Flame Photometers, 
Chloride Analyser and 

   Sherwood Flame Photometer

Gilson Pipettes
Starting September 2000 we sell Gilson Pipettes and Tipps everyday. Our Gilson Sales Executive Pak Sutarto is very busy everyday delivering pipettes and tips. ITB (Institute Technology Bandung) and MMC and RSCM Hospitals now only use Gilson. Everybody knows that Gilson pipettes are best quality in the world. Our prices are very reasonable and we have all types ready stock. In Jakarta we deliver to you within "two hours time". Please call Pak Tarto or Pak Erwin at any time.

Gilson Pipettes & Instruments

Stock Sales
All our Anton Paar, Hermle and Unicam stocks were sold out in year 2000. It is because our price are cheap and our technical support is also good. If you are interested to order the remaining items (please click stock sales below) please come and see them at our show room. New stocks are now arriving in January 2001.

Maag Gear Pump Sales
In 2000 we already sold 7 (Seven) gear pumps to Indonesian Customers. This is first time that PT Siberhegindo sold direct to Indonesian Customers without going through foreign engineering companies. If you want to know details of customer please contact us directly. If you are interested to have Maag Pumps offer please fill in the questionnaire at our web site Polymer and Plant Products

Maag Gear Pumps

Laser Technology Instruments
In March 2000 we delivered 6 sets of LTI Impulse Laser EDM to Forestry Department. Impulse can measure accurate distance by means of laser beam without using reflectors or prisms. It is handheld system provided with a electro-magnetic compass. Impulse is the best surveying tools for forestry surveys. All you need is keep with you AA size battery. Impulse is strong and service free. Other users in Indonesia are PT Alcatel, PT Permapasada Mining Construction and PT Salim Plantation. If you wish to see a demo please call Pak Tri Wardhana. We have ready stock with complete accessories. Please remember impulse is " far far cheaper " than EDM and GPS systems.

LTI Impulse 

Fisher Research Leak Detectors
PDAM (Drinking Water Supply Enterprises) in Padang, Jakarta and Balikpapan are already using our Fisher XLT 20 Leak Detectors, TW 770 and M 55 Pipe Locators. Fisher instruments are simple, strong, accurate and user friendly. We have ready stock for XLT 20 and TW 770. There are no competitors to Fisher. So call us today for demo. 

Fisher XLT 20

Anton Paar Density Meters & Paar Physica Rheometers
In year 2000 we sold more than 12 (Twelve) complete systems to various industries throughout Indonesia. If you want to know details of our new users/customers please contact Bpk Rahadian or Bpk Erwin. All our new customers are Big Multinational Companies which really need good technical supports. All our old and new Density and Rheometer users are very satisfy with Bpk Rahadian's trainings and supports. 
Deckma Hamburg Oil in Water Monitors
PT CALTEX in Duri has already installed 3 (three) systems in Novemober 2000. After successful running of these pilot systems many other petroleum exploration companies will use our systems. If you wish to know more details call us for detail information.   

Deckma OMD 7

Our Sales & Service Specialist Contact Names
Laboratory & Analytical...Bpk Rahadian and Bpk Alfi
Surveying & Geotechnic...Bpk Tri Wardhana
Gear Pumps & Plant........Bpk Erwin
Machine Tools.................Bpk Aria Trisna
Gilson Pipettes.................Bpk Sutarto & Bpk Erwin
Internet Stock Sales.........Bpk Erwin
After sales service............Bpk Rahadian
Accounting.......................Bpk Dodiek Kusnadi

Company Status

Our company status changed to PMA in July 2000. We have very good sales in 1999 and 2000. It shows that all our customers are happy with our products and technical supports. Our present staffs are efficient, hardworking and loyal.  We all are ready for you 24 hours. We are planning to add more qualified staff in 2001. We are the only INTERNET LINK SUPPLIER IN INDONESIA link to all our manufacturers. We are also developing online sales for Gilson Pipettes and Search Engines for Instruments and hope to be ready for you in January 2001.
We already have more than "1000" industries/customers throughout Indonesia which bought from us and using our products without any complain. Since our sales has develop a lot in 1999 and 2000 as mentioned above, we are now investing more on additional staff, vehicles, stocks and IT in 2001.

So, it is clear that we are the best choice and most reliable for you to join and to do business. 

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